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Game of Power

Episode 17

What is 4 VIRAL Brands with 5M+ Followers...

Creator of Subway Creatures, What is New York, What NY Wears, and What NY Eats - Rick McGuire came on the podcast to speak about his journey building viral media brands!

We discussed what branding means, how to build brands, making money in media, and the journey of entrepreneurship.

Episode 16

Where Motivation Comes From...

How To Stay Motivated Forever!

Episode 15

5 P's On The Pursuit of Greatness w/ Anthony

A truthful conversation with Anthony from Speak Your Truth Podcast!

We talked about the importance of creating content, how basketball saves the world, and the 5 tenants of the pursuit of greatness.

Episode 14

Fashion Manufacturing 101: Developing a Cut and Sew Fashion Collection w/ Boaz David



Fashion Designers: This one's for you!

New Game of Power Episode with Boaz David from Human B! Human B is a development and production manufacturer in New York City.

During this podcast we discussed running a fashion business, developing a collection, how to work with manufacturers, his journey in fashion, and the mental battle of entrepreneurship.

Episode 13

DJ Journey in NYC & Starting at Columbia University with Dennis Free 

Dennis Free (@dennisfreee) talks about starting as a DJ at Columbia University.

How to improve and not be a replaceable DJ.

His key message is that small forward steps truly add up. We talked DJ'ing in London, at Pianos in NYC, and how he's becoming more intentional as a DJ. We hope you all enjoy this conversation!

Episode 12

Start Your Fashion Brand with THIS FORMULA!

To Go From Artist To Entrepreneur

Be a Business Workshop

For my first ever workshop - we discussed the difference how to go from an artist to an entrepreneur.