Messaging & Storytelling

I am writing this blog post to Miles and Rob, who are working towards creating content for FITS.

There is two things that I want you all to keep in mind when making posts for Instagram. 1) Why to What 2) Audience, Intent, Message

What to Why: Functional Benefits

Last night, I mentioned the Dove Case Study from marketing class. When Dove first launched, they successfully created a beauty bar that doesn't dry out your skin. Therefore, their strategy was to tell everyone why their product is better than soap.

In all of these advertisements, Dove talked first about What their product was and followed that by Why people should buy it. What = Beauty Bar, Why = It doesn't dry out your skin the way normal soap does.

Why To What: Start With Why

Start With Why by Simon Sinek

Why = Our Purpose

How = Our Process

What = Our Results

Dove changed their marketing strategy from functional benefits to start with why. They had a survey that asked thousands of people if they felt beautiful. "Only 2% of respondents worldwide chose to describe themselves as beautiful". Dove wanted to pivot to “Change the way society views beauty” and “provoke discussion and debate about real beauty”. They created a mission statement: Dove’s mission is to make women feel beautiful every day by broadening the narrow definition of beauty and inspiring them to take great care of themselves.


Why to What: Nike

These are perfect examples of how Nike goes from Why to What. They start with that deep passion and emotion that is in a person's heart. Their intent is to talk directly to a person's inner why. Their message is always to Just do it and always believe that you can be the person that does it.

Audience, Intent, Message (AIM Framework)

The first thing to do whenever establishing any type of message is define your audience. Who are you talking to? What problems are they facing? What inspires them to action? What resources do they rely on? Who are their peer groups and influencers? Do not talk to everyone when making a post, think deeply about these 4 questions and decide who exactly you want to speak to.

Next, establish your intent for everything you are creating. Your intent is never just to inform people about what is going on. A few intentions: Educate, Inspire, Promote, Relate, Entertain. Try to motivate people to take some sort of action. What do you want the audience to do with your recommendations? What do they do with what you just said? What's next?

Finally, after defining your audience and establishing your intent, it is time to craft your message. They say your message should be "brief, memorable, repeatable, emotional, and data-backed". Your message should end with a clear call to action. You can spread this message visually and through text. Pictures show people a version of themselves at times (look at the top tennis ad). Words inspire people to take action.


Every single time you are making any type of content for FITS. Think about how you plan on going from Why to What. Define your target audience, think about their emotions and desires. Establish your intentions and figure out what they should do what what you just said. Finally, craft your message and inspire them to take action.

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