The #1 Problem With The World

I asked Miles the other day "What is the number 1 problem in the world?". He said "Niggas are just too selfish". We began to talk about why that is the case and the different layers of society that lead us to here. Selfishness isn't anything new in society, we have been selfish since the beginning of time. I read something the other day that talked about fear and it said that way back in the day, people had to obviously kill for the food that they ate, while also being constantly worried about getting attacked at all times. Our risk of dying was extremely high and so that fear always protected us. We began to look out for ourselves and treat other things, whether that is animals or other people as potential danger to our safety. Now, we are in a time period that is a lot safer for us, yet we are still trapped in the same mindset as before. We are constantly worried about other people, how we compare to them, how they may perceive us, and that leads us to constantly being stressed and paranoid which I think causes this root of selfishness. People view success of others as a danger to them. They become jealous, start hating, and as a result of that become selfish. What they don't realize is that unlike before, when we had to go kill for our food, we live in a time period that has a plethora of resources. To the point where, your ability to eat has nothing to do with the person to your right or to your left. We live in a time where everybody can eat. Now, I am completely obsessed with competition. There is this quote from Moneyball that had me rolling, it says "I hate to lose more than I like to win". Ever since I could remember, I have been a relentless competitor. I care about every game from Madden to Rivalry basketball games to simply waking up before others to get an edge. I think business is a game and I love the fact that I am new to it and in the trenches with the strongest desire to build the biggest company in the world. However, that success doesn't have to come at the expense of others. The game of life is a game that doesn't have to have winners and losers. We don't need to put other people down, gatekeep the secrets of success, and be selfish in order to win. The best and most inspiring part of life is how far humanity has grown together. How many people it took to build the brooklyn bridge. The years of evolution and numerous inventors that turned weird looking boxes into personal computers into the iphone that we now have in our pocket. We are going through this life shit together and none of us are better than anyone else. We aren't more important than anyone else. We simply just have our own personal legend and role in society that we need to be relentless on reaching. The best part about life is that we all create the future together. We can live in a better future, one where we are all helping each other reach our personal legends. A future where we share the basketball and can be genuinely happy when other people score. Come on guys we can be better than this and it all starts with putting down that shield and providing real value to other people, only then can we create a society that is together and not so damn far apart.