F*ck Wednesdays

I f*ucking hate Wednesdays.


Freshman year of college was a great time for me. I just moved to New York City and was blessed enough to attend the school of my dreams. Every Sunday I think about the week that lies ahead and I get super motivated to wake up on Monday and go kill.


Often times during different parts of the week I think about the different things that I want to start putting in my life and accomplish. I think to myself, okay on Monday I am going to start going to the gym. I am going to go to class every single day this week and I am going to accomplish x, y, and z. When the alarm goes off on Monday morning I always jump out of bed. For me, it is so easy to wake up on Mondays and go out there and handle business. On Monday's it's easy to go to class, go to the gym, and start checking off the boxes on the to do list in my head.


Tuesday comes around and I am still riding that Monday high. With push day on Mondays, I can go to the gym and do a pull day on Tuesday. I will work on growing my biceps and back which I value because it looks good. I will go to class and maybe even have my most productive day of the week.


Then Wednesday comes around and sh*t hits the fan. I am extremely unproductive on Wednesdays. When Wednesday comes around, I hit the snooze button 5-7 times and straight up can't get out of bed. When Wednesday came around freshman year, I flat out didn't go to class. I didn't go to the gym and hit legs because I hate doing legs. Nobody cares about legs, do I really need to go to the gym to do squats?


Sophomore year I started seeing this pattern in my life where I would go heavy on Monday and Tuesday and just completely burn out on Wednesdays. It was such an easy thing to do for me and even though I always kind of knew, i'd still let Wednesday win every single time.


My battle with Wednesdays is still as prevalent in my life as any time before. I think the main difference though is that I am aware of this consistent issue in my life and am going to war with it. Now I think about Wednesday on Sunday and how I want to go kill that instead of kill on Mondays. I wait around for Monday and Tuesday to come around just so that I can see what I end up doing on Wednesdays.


Today, my alarm went off and I thought to myself "damn it's morning already?". The first thing I did was go to the clock app and gave myself an extra 30 mins of sleep. I laid in bed and though to myself "am I going to let Wednesday beat me again?". No, I woke up and killed Wednesday morning. I went to the gym and had probably the best workout of my entire life. I feel amazing because this I stepped over this huge hurdle that I have been dealing with for the past 2 years. However, that is today and next week or the week after can be completely different. My battle with Wednesday is not won because I woke up today. My battle with Wednesdays is an every single week thing that I have to constantly face and try to beat. I have no clue how war is going to go in the future but the one thing I do know is my number 1 goal for the week is to kill on Wednesdays.