F*ck Wednesday: Pt. 3

F*ck Wednesday: Pt. 3

I was the type of guy that would say - ‘I’ll do that on Monday”.

So Monday would come around and I'‘d jump out of bed, go to the gym, go to class, and handle my business.

When Tuesday came around, I’d still be running that Monday high, and maybe even have my most productive day of the week.

Then Wednesday came around and sh*t would hit the fan.

I’d hit snooze for 2 hours straight…skip the gym, and miss class.

My whole week would go downhill from there and the cycle would repeat.

Eventually - I put my foot down and said “F*ck Wendesday”

Every week I set out to go to war with Wednesday…

I didn’t care what I did that entire week - the one thing I knew was that I was going to beat the shit out of Wednesday.

Just like Michael Jordan did in the playoffs…

Pick a battle, find whatever can motivate you to win, and go to war with that thing every single week.

Let’s bet tf out of Wednesday!