I Am Starting A New Show...

I went to the library yesterday and picked up the book  - What It Takes by Stephen Schwarzman.

Stephen is the Founder and President of Blackstone - one of the worlds largest private equity firms.

You just can’t talk to people like this…

But you can read their books and hopefully pull at least 1 thing from them.


This is a side note:

I read Shut Up & Listen by Tilman Fertitta yesterday.

Tilman is the owner of the Houston Rockets…

It was such a fantastic book and you can tell he is a billionaire because he literally didn’t waste one word in the book.

It was just 5 chapters of direct, straight forward business advice.


This week, I have been playing defense.

My cash is tied up in inventory that hasn’t arrived yet so I have no money for ads.

I got my first set of refunds and returns due to sizing issues…

And last week was my worst sales week since the launch.

So I went to the library to reset and find an idea…

Every obstacle you encounter is a challenge that can make you even better.

  1. When sitting on High Inventory, Low Cash: How can I effectively move product?
  2. To drive more online sales with sizing concerns: How can I give enough information for people to buy with certainty?
  3. Finally - When you have to slow down the ads and are fully reliant on organic social: How can you drive even more traffic to your page & site?


When I got to the library I wrote out all my main 3 problems and 5 solutions that are going to solve them.

I then put 3 books in front of me:

  • The Infinite Game by Simon Sinek
  • The Startup of You by Reid Hoffman
  • What it Takes by Stephen Schwarzman


The Infinite Game taught me that it is more important to stay alive than to win a fight that has no definite ending.

Essentially - slow down & make sure you can keep playing The Startup of You reminded me about getting rejected from that job at a vc firm in Chicago…

Key - Become undeniable by building your own lead gen engine and audience.

Afterwards - I opened What it Takes by Stephen Schwarzman I flipped through a few pages and found this gem….

He wrote “People in a tough spot will focus on their own problems when the answer may lie in solving others.”

I had been flirting with the concept of introducing a second show since last week.

I invited a bunch of entrepreneurs to my photoshoot to try to execute this and even filmed pieces of it over the weekend but I didn’t have any real footing or concept yet.

My brand has never been about selling dress shirts and has always been about building a platform supporting and showcasing others….

I realized - if I want to sell my own products - why don’t I collaborate with other people and help them sell theirs.

This led me to my second show…

Obviously - I have Game of Power: my podcast.

Which is a long form conversation that I absolutely love because I can contact people that I want to learn from and have an excuse to ask questions for over a hour.

But I wanted something more short form, snackable, collaborative, and discovery based.

It brought me back to my sunday nights back on IG Live…

So with that being said - my new show is: ‘Power Players’ a 60 second product pitch directed at new customers that don’t know about your business.

Shark Tank is geared towards investors: would you invest?

I want this show to be - would you buy this?

It is funny because I did something similar back when I was running FITS…

The problem was - I was obligated to sell the products on my marketplace.

Now, I have less skin in the game and no constraints on who can join the show.

This should be pretty fun!

If any of you know startup founders that have built a physical product, please send me their info, I would love to get them on the show!