My Business Started in a Las Vegas Nightclub....

Everything you’ve ever done leads to what you are going to create.

You are exactly where you need to be.

  • Live your life.

  • Draw your experience.

  • Tell your story.

Create something only you can create.

Where Do Business Ideas Come From?

Honestly, the idea for my dress shirt brand came inside of a Las Vegas Nightclub celebrating my 21st birthday…

In Vegas, you have to dress up to get in the club.

Dress Shirts, proper pants, and no tennis shoes.

It actually felt incredible to go out looking nice.

Shoutout Cole in the suit - he’s forever in the starting lineup.

The problem was - I didn’t love my dress shirts.

I had an oxford that was fine for formal events but it just didn’t have enough range for the club.

So I thought - what if there was a dress shirt that was casual and versatile enough for work and the club…

Something that you can wear untucked with jeans or tucked in with slacks….

When I got back to New York, I spun into a downward spiral.

The pressure of senior year got into to my head.

And the failures of my business started to really weigh on me.

I knew that I needed a change.

So I embarked on a 50 day challenge to snap out of things and get my life together.

No Drinking, Morning Routine, Gym, and Complete 1 assignment per day.

Doing this showed me that the best thing that you can do is to show up for yourself… to try and grow 1% better every day.

I had just pivoted the FITS Marketplace into an agency that helps creators launch fashion brands.

And the one thing I knew - was how to start a fashion brand…

Since I wasn’t drinking or really partying - I had some extra time on my hands.

So I decided to give that dress shirt idea a try.

I set out to create a casual, versatile dress shirt for during and after work.

More importantly - I wanted to take the pain that I was in after leaving vegas and going back to school - and build a brand off of that…

The mental grind of running a business, physical challenge of bringing an idea to life, and the constant reminder to continue to practice and get better at your craft.

So I went into the garment district and started looking for soft corduroy fabrics..

That same day, I stumbled into Lucky 33 and ended up having a pattern made for a dress shirt.

And I was like “oh sh*t… I am actually doing this”.

Next thing I knew, we were ready for production - and the rest was history…

The Practice Shirt

I tell that story because it shows that it is really easy to connect the dots looking back but hard to connect the dots looking forward…

  • Designing clothes at 16 years old - taught me that you can put your voice onto clothing.

  • Running a fashion marketplace at NYU - forced me to do fashion marketing and start creating content.

  • Building a freelance marketplace - introduced me to creatives all over the city.

  • Selling manufacturing services at my agency - gave me constant reps at executing ideas for designers.

  • Partying in Vegas - gave me the idea to revolutionize the dress shirt.

  • The pain of a failed business with the stress of senior year at NYU - made me change my life, habits, and instilled in my the mentality of practice.

Each of these points were pivotal looking back… I just didn’t know it yet.

No matter where you are - you are in the perfect place to learn and grow.

The things that you create will be a reflection of this moment right now.

Live your life.

Draw your experience.

Tell your story.

Thank you!