The One Secret To Success

The One Secret To Success

When I received my acceptance letter from NYU, I was shocked.

Maryland, Fordham, UChicago, and a few other schools had just rejected me.

I never knew that I was capable of getting into a good school without playing basketball.

Just like everyone around me, I was convinced that it was luck.

But it happened.


At first, it was overwhelming academically.

It seemed like all of these private school kids knew so much more than me.

Nobody looked like me or came from where I’m from.

I felt really out of place and wondered if I was truly meant to be here.


Then I realized that I was here for a reason.

I started a business at 16.

I got excellent grades while playing varsity basketball.

And most importantly: I applied to the school.


"You can’t win the lottery if you don’t play” - MM

Reach out to that CEO

Apply for that dream job

Post that youtube video

Start your own business

Create something amazing.


You never know where that can take you.

When something fortunate comes your way, a lot of people will call it luck.
You will be one of them.

But it happened, and anything can happen if you take action.

Luck Rewards Action