She curved you.... READ THIS.

Find those pockets of motivation…

Maybe it’s the job that passed on you.

The girl that curved you 2 years ago.

The mf that hated on you and told you what you CAN’T do.


When you’re tired…

When you’re sore…

When you don’t feel like continuing…


Reach into that cookie jar.

Pull those moments.

Visualize how you felt when that happened.

And go harder…


In 4th Grade - I played my first ever AAU game at the YMCA in Ellicott City.

My friends and I had just came off of dominating rec basketball.

And we needed to start playing against better competition.

The thing is - this time, there was no box to save us. (In rec there is a box that the defense can’t cross… essentially making kids stay within the 3 point line to play defense)


The game that day was against the Maryland Sharks.

I actually knew a couple of kids there from a basketball camp the last summer.

It was the first time we could wear our nice Laurel Laker Uniforms…

And we were ready to let them know there’s a new team coming up.


The game started, I got the ball, immediately picked up my back foot before dribbling, and was called with a travel…

They came down, swung the ball, took a man straight off the dribble, and got an easy bucket.

Then when we went to inbound the ball - they were right there, in a 1-2-2 full court press.

The bain of my existence for the next 3 years.


I ended the game with 10 turnovers…

Repeatedly got plucked.

Got called with 3 travels.

And we lost the game by 25.


This was my introduction to AAU basketball…

And I promise - it only got worse.

Some of the losses we took still haunt me to this day…

You have to understand - kids are getting their soul taken out there on the court.


But it’s the pain - that forces you to push through fatigue in your ball handling drills.

The 30 point losses - that makes you work extra hard in practice to perfect your press break.

It’s getting your soul snatched on the court - that makes me as a 6th grader, wake my dad up at 6:30 am so that we could go on run.

Growth doesn’t come from comfort - it comes from pushing through the pain that you endure because you are tapping into those pockets of motivation that are buried deep inside of your mind.


Just like Michael Jordan did in the playoffs…

Pick a battle.

Find anything that can motivate you to win…

And go to war with that thing every single week.