The Only Way is Through

The Only Way is Through

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” - Milton Berle


We do not live in a fair world.

We are not all born equal.

We do not all start with the same opportunities and resources.

That’s life.


Knowing that, we all have a choice to make.

Are we going to let others gatekeep our success?

Or are we going to create the life that we want to live in?


For too long, people had the power to gatekeep our success.

Whether that is college apps, jobs, grants, investments, etc; we have had to ask others for an opportunity to get put on.

Those days are over.

You have the power to be so good at what you do that nobody can deny you success.


You do not need netflix to create a show.

You do not need a record label to start your music career.

You do not need ESPN to publicly talk about sports.

You do not need an investment to be a CEO.

You do not need a publisher to write a book.

You do not need an opportunity, you can build the door.


Unleash your power.

Be the person that you wish to see in this world.

Create the life that you want to live in.

And punch above your weight.

You are so capable.

You can accomplish whatever you set your mind to.

You are special.

You are the only person on this earth with your talent and skill set.

You are unique.

Your challenges, failures, and setbacks have only made you into the person that you are today.

A world-changer and perhaps, even a history-maker.


You are too powerful to leave opportunity up to chance.

Build the door.