The Thirteen Necessary Virtues

The Thirteen Necessary Virtues

This morning, I re-read some of: The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.

In the book, he listed his 13 necessary virtues that he wanted to focus and improve on in order to live a better life.

I thought I’d do the same:

Maxwell Murray - The 13 Necessary Virtues


1. Fearless: Leaning into uncomfortable situations.

2. Relentless: Resolution / Completing the task. Being a Cleaner.

3. Resilience: Profiting from failure. Continuing to fight.

4. Consistent: Showing up regardless. Daily high-value inputs.

5. Kindness: Providing Value. Being Considerate and Empathetic.

6. Industry: Constant Learning and Skill Stacking.

7. Frugality: Spending on Production > Consumption.

8. Patience: High-value inputs for Long time Horizon.

9. Positivity: Things happen for you not to you. Growth mindset.

10. Grit: Pain = Progress. “Beauty in the struggle, ugliness in the success”.

11. Discipline: Doing the thing, especially if you don’t want to.

12. Presence: Focused on The Now. Living not in the past or the future.

13. Creative: Executing Grand Vision. Make Ideas Inventions.


Another week, Another opportunity.